[FAQ ID: 72]How do I open ports on my TP-LINK wireless Router?

Suitable for: N300 Wireless Routers, N150 Wireless Routers, 54G Wireless Routers

Step 1
Open the web browser and in the address bar type in: or or http://tplinklogin.net. Then press Enter.
The LAN IP changes by model. Please find it on the bottom label of the product.
Step 2
Type the username and password in the login page. They are both admin by default.
Step 3
Click Forwarding->Virtual Servers on the left side, and then click Add New… button.
Step 4
Type the Service port which you want to open and the IP Address of your device that you want to open the port for; Select Protocol to TCP, UDP or ALL; Change Status to Enabled
Step 5
Click Save button to save the settings.
You´d better assign a static IP address for your server, so the Virtual Server entry will take effect all the time.
Or you can just do an IP address reservation for the server. Please refer to the following link to do that:
Until now, you have finished all the settings successfully. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. support@tp-link.com
If you want to open port 80 for Web server in your computer, the Management port of the router will be changed to 8080, you need to type or http://tplinklogin.net:8080 to connect to you router.