[FAQ ID: 510]Samsung smart TV have no Internet connection using client、universal_ repeater mode of TL-WR702N

Suitable for: TL-WR702N

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Model No.
Hardware Version
Firmware Version
4.18.114 Build 130314 Rel.39604n
Note: Refer to FAQ 46 in case you don’t know how to find the hardware version.
Customer Scenario
Topology 1: Internet----Wireless Router )))  (((TL-WR702N------Samsung Smart TV
Topology 2: Internet----Wireless Router )))  (((TL-WR702N------PC
Problem Description
After proper settings, computer in Topology 2 can gain Internet connection without a problem, but Samsung TV in Topology 1 have no Internet, even it can get IP/Gateway from the Wireless Router.
Root cause of the problem
The root cause of this issue is that TL-WR702N didn’t change the Target MAC Address in the ARP protocol field when forwarding the ARP packets, it leads to the Samsung TV turning down the ARP packets forwarded, hence Samsung TV has no IP&MAC table and no Internet.
Available Solutions
1.    A beta firmware has been released and uploaded , you can get it from the link below:
2.    In case the above solutions cannot solve your problem, please send a mail to support@tp-link.com. TP-Link technical support engineers will help you further diagnose the problem.
Reversion history:
Initial release.